Alaska Bucket List


Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting, Salmon Fishing, and more.. Alaska is INCREDIBLE! Thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for all your outdoor needs!

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View the location/activity websites below!
Gold Panning: Crow Creek Gold Mine -
Dog Sledding: Alpine Air Alaska -
White Water Rafting: NOVA -
Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge -
Fishing/Bear Watching/Conservation: Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge -
Whale Watching: Seward Ocean Excursions -
ATV Tour: 49th State Motor Tours -
Jet Ski: Glacier Jetski Adventures -
Train: Alaska Railroad -
Helicopter flight glacier landing on Denali: Talkeetna Air Taxi -
Ice Climbing: MICA Guides -
Hot Springs/Ice Museum: Chena Hot Springs -
Travel Partner: Alaska Tour & Travel -

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    I really liked it! And I know I'm too picky, but "75 degrees below Fahrenheit" makes no sense. It would be "75 degrees below zero" or "negative 75 degrees Fahrenheit". Also, Coby, if you want to get better Polaroid pictures, get closer to your subject

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    I told a friend when I was a child that we are going to go to Alaska when we adults but that never happened because I never see my friend again I don't want to see him again I was just a child with a immature mind when I said that

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    This is the beat example to say every country has their unique beauty. If we the next gen could find the unique beauty of the other countries that's the biggest goal as a world we could get. In other words buildings isn't the world this video is just a small piece of the world. I wish I could turn my feelings into words seeing this video I'm.... Speechless....

  • Darren McBride
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    Anybody recognize the area at 21:55? That’s the same area that Rutledge Wood, Tanner Foust and Adam was at on the Top Gear USA episode of America’s toughest truck. Tanner backed up his “blurple” Chevy against the Knik glacier.

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